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Roush Mustang

ROUSH currently offers three different variations of the Ford Mustang:


  • ROUSH Mustang Sport - A Mustang that's unmistakably ROUSH, the Mustang Sport includes a core selection of ROUSH upgrades, with additional options available.
  • Stage 1 ROUSH Mustang - Including ROUSH's cutting-edge styling, wheel, and tire package.
  • Stage 2 ROUSH Mustang - Including the exclusive styling of the ROUSH Stage 1 package, plus ROUSH's new advanced suspension and handling package.
  • Stage 3 ROUSH Mustang - Including all the elements of what a ROUSH Mustang can be - power, handling, and styling. In addition to the handling and styling components of the Stage 1 and 2 packages, the ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang includes the ROUSHcharged 4.6L powertrain system producing 415hp/385lb-ft.
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